iSQI CAT® Certified Agile Tester

(En breve, tendremos los textos traducidos)

The CAT training focuses on learning about the agile aspects of testing. We believe that this cannot be simply taught but must be experienced and practiced. This is why the training consists of five days in class that represent the daily work of individual team members in agile projects – practical focus with plenty of activities and interaction.


Students will gain an understanding of the testing role within an agile project and will be able to effectively apply practical skills associated with that role.

1) Understand the principles behind the agile approach to software development.

2) Differentiate between the testing role in agile projects compared with the role of testers in non-agile projects.

3) Positively contribute as an agile team member focused on testing.

4) Appreciate the challenges and difficulties associated with the non-testing activities performed in an agile team.

5) Demonstrate a range of soft skills required by agile team members.

Grupo Destino

The course is geared towards Software Developers, Test Consultants, Test Engineers, Code Reviewer, Development Tester, Project and Program Managers and Testers.

Duración y precio

Completing this course will provide the information needed to sit the CAT assessments and exam. The CAT training requires 5 days. The exam and certification take place on the last day of the course.The cost of the CAT training course includes the examination fees.

Materiales del curso

Se impartirá en Castellano (o en inglés bajo petición para cursos in-company) y los participantes recibirán un ejemplar de los materiales. También se les otorgará con un certificado de asistencia oficial de nexo QA al completar el curso.


The course costs 1,080 Euros + VAT and the exam an additional 400 Euros + VAT.


This course will be given in Spanish (but can also be given in English as an in-company course) and participants will be given a copy of the course materials to use during the course and to take away, and will also be awarded with an oficial nexo QA certificate of attendance upon completing the course as well as an offical iSQI certificate upon passing the exam.

*La inscripción estará abierta dentro en los próximos días*