Automating web tests with Selenium using Python

As the needs of modern customers and consumers rapidly change, requirements on software development have also rapidly changed as well, motivating companies to adopt more flexible and Agile development methods. Such Agile and DevOps development processes require many daily regression test cycles and therefore generate a real need greater than ever before for automation.

Test automation is not only necessary for containing and reducing manual testing costs but it provides better test coverage, gives consistent test results and makes the overall testing effort far more efficient.

This reliance on test automation has created a demand for highly skilled testers capable of automating test in many aspects in the way we software today on the web.


In this web testing automation course, participants will enter the world of automation by learning the basics of performing FrontEnd automation using the Python programming language with the tool Selenium. The course is focused on giving participants the necessary tools to create a reusable automation framework, providing them with a means to automate the testing of web applications.

1) Learn the basics of Python (data types, data structures, flow controls, etc.)

2) Learn how to use the NOSE testing framework in Python and how to organise automated tests

3) Learn to use the Selenium library in Python to test the web

4) Learn tools to identify and inspect the different elements of web pages

5) Learn how to design and run web tests in a reusable way by applying the Page Object pattern


Los siguientes temas serán cubiertos durante el curso:

I) Programming with Python

  •   Introduction to Python
  •   Data types (Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Collections, Dictionaries)
  •   Flow control
  •   Methods and objects in Python

2) Automating with Python

  •   Python Automation frameworks
  •   Generating and saving data in CSV
  •   Reading data sets from CSV files

3) Web testing with Selenium WebDriver

  •   Install & setup Selenium WebDriver
  •   Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  •   Configure different drivers for browsers
  •   Locate elements in web
  •   Interact with elements
  •   Properties and attributes of elements on the web
  •   Explicit and implicit expectations
  •   Page objects
  •   Data Driven Testing

Target Audience

The course is aimed at testers, QAs, Devs who want to start in the test automation activity or have started doing it and want to improve their knowledge.

Duration & Price

The automating web tests with Selenium using Python course is a one-day course from 09:30h to 18:00h and costs 350 Euros + IVA.

Course Materials

This course will be given in Spanish and participants will be given a copy of the course materials used during the course and to take away, and will also be awarded with an oficial nexo QA certificate of attendance upon completing the course.


Basic experience in testing and knowledge of software development is recommended. Attendees are required to bring a laptop to perform the various exercises that will be carried out during the course.


The next up and coming course is scheduled for the 5th of October in Barcelona and the 16th of November in Madrid.

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