Tools for Software Testing

Continuous Testing is a key concern for testers and an important part of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Testing needs to be put in place be following a test strategy, part of which includes the analysis of tools to find the right fit for project and product needs.

The testing process needs to not only be controlled & managed but should also provide the correct information and the correct moment, reporting results automatically to provide adequate insight into the quality of products contributing to achieve successful product releases, adequate level of quality and above all client satisfaction.

Having test tooling skills has therefore become paramount for high-performance teams and an integral part of Agile methodologies. Because on this, a tooling strategy is necessary to support the testing process, improve overall quality, provide quick feedback and help reduce time to market, thus industrializing market demands.

The tools for Software Testing course presents an introductory overview of most widely used software testing tools categorised according to the different areas of testing.


1) Understand tools for Agile testing that meet the needs of software development in the current competitive software market.

2) Gain a sound understanding in tools for management, automation and CI.

3) As a tester or test manager, become familiar with what it means to deliver faster and more autonomously.

4) For experienced testers, become up-to-date with the latest tools & technologies, and learn how to implement and integrate such tools within existing QA processes.

5) Gain insight into a wide range of tools for non-functional testing, such as performance test tools.

6) Simulate a real scenario starting from requirements prioritization within agile iterations right up to delivering products that comply with their definition of done (DoD)..


Well have the contents of the course availble real soon, stay tuned!

Target Audience

The course is geared towards Testers, Programmers, Business Analysts, Managers or professionals that want to better understand QA tools and how to implement them for software development & testing.

Duration & Price

The Tools for Software Testing course is a one-day course from 09:30h to 18:00h and costs 350 Euros.

Course Materials

This course will be given in Spanish (but can also be given in English as an in-company course) and participants will be given a copy of the course materials to use during the course and to take away- They will also be awarded with an oficial nexo QA certificate of attendance upon completing the course.


No prior experience is necesary to participate in this course but we recommend that participants have some knowledge about software testing.


If you are interested in participating in this course please get in touch with us.